24 Beeswax Tea Lights with Two (2) Reusable Candle Holders

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These beeswax tea lights are perfect for anyone who loves burning candles but is also concerned about keeping a healthy home environment.  Size: .75in tall by 1.5in round.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Beeswax tealights come packaged in reusable cotton bags and contain 2 reusable glass tea light holders. To clean excess wax from glass holders, place in the freezer and once hardened pop out with knife or spoon.
  • MORE TO LOVE - Our specially designed tapered tealights are 20% larger than other standard size beeswax tealights so you can burn and enjoy them longer!
  • HEALTHY HOME - These 100% beeswax tea light candles contain no paraffin or harmful fragrances and will not release toxins into your home environment.
  • HEAVENLY SCENT - Beeswax emits a warm and delicious honey aroma that smells incredible but is not overpowering. Great for holiday ambiance as the scent won't overpower your yummy baking smells.
  • FRAGRANCE SENSITIVITY - Many people who cannot tolerate artificially scented candles do well with beeswax
  • VERSATILITY - Serenibee Tea Lights look great in tea light holders or even floating in water. You're only limited by your imagination!