Stop and Smell the Honey......

Serenibee 100% pure Montana beeswax candles with cotton wicks, sustainable packaging and reusable accessories. We take care of all the forehead-wrinkle-inducing decisions regarding healthy and responsible candle-making, so all that's left for you to do is light and smile.


"These are great quality candles and smell so good when you open up the pouch they come in, you may want to eat them.

Wonderful smell of honey.

I've bought other beeswax candles that lacked scent and seemed like recycled wax to me.

In any case, these are wonderful and I especially like that you have a reusable candle holder for them. No more throwing away the tin or plastic in the garbage!

The reusable candle holders are nicely made. They come with instructions on how to clean them of any leftover wax.

I would definitely recommend these and I'm glad I found this company."

Amazon Customer "Artist"

These were fantastic. They burned a long time (4+ hours) and had a very subtle and pleasing smell. Well packaged and well made. So nice that they included 1 glass votive, which I did use. These candles didn't have the tin/plastic container and now I will always burn my beeswax candles this way. They made the house feel warm and welcoming. They actually made me feel happy. Super pleased and will order again.


The soft golden glow and subtle hint of honey scent is so relaxing when you burn these candles. I purchased the 24 bundle and received two glass candle holders and the bag. After trying the candles, I ordered the refill pack of 30.